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Business translation services for various businesses Clear, concise and accurate translation of business documents

·Please read it before applying!
·You can apply after login, and please write as your real name.
· After consulting , Tebah will send you translation bill within 1 hour.
· If you want to change or cancel the contract after the translation work has been doing, you will incur 5% additional fee on your the total fee.
· Translation cost
  - The above rates are basic unit prices. Professional rates are applied according to the difficulty of the original text.
   (Fee calculated by : basic cost × number of pages × professional rates = total estimated amount)
  - One page (A4: Hangul 220 words or 12 font -25 lines, US 250 words, Chinese 680 words/ except for graphics, images)
  - Emergency translation fee is 5,000 won per page. If you want a native speaker inspection, 5,000 won is added per page.
  - Normal translation period: Within 2-3 days up to 5 pages
  - 10% discount for many translations with more than 100 pages.
* Translation will be started after payment.

Translation Fee

Language Korean > Foreign Language Foreign Language > Korean
English 12,000 won 10,000 won
Chinese 12,000 won 10,000 won
* High level(160%) : Sentences are difficult to understand at the general level. Translations requiring specialized knowledge. ex) legal documents, natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences, academic journal, patent documents, contracts, abstract of paper, literary contents, advertising copy, etc.
* Middle level(130%) : Difficult sentences. ex) company introduction, homepage, catalog, professional correspondence, middle / high school textbook level, etc.
* Low level(100%) : Normal and easy. ex) ordinary sentences, general correspondence, business correspondence, diary, resume, general news articles, etc.
433번역 문의합니다이*만2020-11-23In progress
431문의드립니다장*철2020-11-16In progress
430안녕하세요김*리2020-11-11In progress
429번역 문의김*준2020-11-06Completed
428번역 신청합니다김*린2020-10-26Cancellation
427중국어 번역 신청옹*화2020-10-23Completed
426Please checkS*r2020-10-21Completed
425설명서 번역배*현2020-10-16Cancellation
424번역 신청합니다나*환2020-10-06Completed
423긴급 번역 요청송*림2020-09-23Completed
422번역 문의드립니다문*미2020-09-11Cancellation
421번역서비스 신청합니다리*오2020-09-09Completed
420일자 문의드립니다김*현2020-09-01Completed
419견적서 문의하*영2020-08-24Cancellation
418문의 드립니다옥*정2020-08-19Cancellation
417번역 신청합니다김*희2020-07-28Completed
416인보이스 번역 요청김*담2020-07-22Completed
4150716 번역 신청서조*길2020-07-16Completed
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