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Business translation services for various businessesClear, concise and accurate translation of business documents

Tebah provides fast, accurate translation service with 3C(Clearness, Conciseness, Correctness) for business.
Tebah has professional teams composed of specialists in Korean, Chinese, English.

Procedures for using translation services

1. Writing translation application
After login, fill out the translation
service application form.
2. Notification of Cost
We will notify you of an estimate after consulting with you based on your application.
* 500,000 won or more: pay 50% down, the rest in installments.
* 500,000 won or less: Full payment
3. Schedule Notice
After confirming payment, we will
send you a contract and let you
know the translation schedule.
4. Translation work progress
The translation work will be done according to schedule.
5. Submit final manuscript
We will submit the final manuscript after checking on and revision of the draft .

Translation Fee

Language Korean > Foreign Language Foreign Language > Korean
English 12,000 won 10,000 won
Chinese 12,000 won 10,000 won
* The above rates are basic unit prices. Professional rates are applied according to the difficulty of the original text.
* Fee calculated by : basic cost × number of pages × professional rates = total estimated value
* Pages criteria (A4: Hangul 220 words, or 12 font , 25 lines, US 250 words, Chinese 680 characters / except for graphics, images,)
* Emergency translation facilitation fee is 5,000 won per page. If you want a native speaker inspection, 5,000 won is added per page.
* Normal translation period: Within 2-3 days up to 5 sheets
* 10% discount for many translations with more than 100 pages.

Fee calculated by

Level Professional rates Level of difficulty
Low level 100% Normal and easy, ordinary sentences, general correspondence, business correspondence, diary, resume, general news articles, etc.
Middle level 130% More difficult sentences, company introduction, homepage, general catalog, professional correspondence, middle / high school textbook level, etc.
High level 160% Sentences that are difficult to understand at the general level, translations requiring specialized knowledge, legal documents, natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences. Materials for publication in journals, patent documents, contracts, abstract of paper, literary contents, advertising copy, etc.
* The difficulty level of the document to be translated may differ depending on the viewpoint. In Tebah, documents are divided into academic documents, professional documents, and general documents. Level of difficulty will be determined, after discussing with clients.