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· Please read before applying for service!
· Be sure to proceed with your real full name. After singing in, you can see 'Apply'
· When creating a Market Research Request Form, you must register only the products that you want to investigate. (Commission per product)
· Sample purchase fee is separate from commodity investigation fee.
· After the payment is confirmed, the market research will proceed. * Market research start date : The date of deposit.
· Once the market research is completed, you will receive the survey result. If the sample can’t be purchased or investigated, you will not be charged.

Market research Fee

Product investigation fee Factory investigation fee
33,000 won (including VAT) per item 55,000 won (including VAT) per item
2456시장조사 신청서김*광2020-12-03Acceptance
24551202 시장조사배*미2020-12-02Estimate
2454중국 시장조사 요청서최*태2020-12-02Estimate
2453시장조사 신청서유*희2020-12-01In progress
2452폼분무기 (거품분무기)박*수2020-11-30In progress
2451중국 시장조사이*미2020-11-30Cancellation
2450문의드립니다강*희2020-11-27In progress
2449중국 시장조사이*석2020-11-27Deposit
2448샘플 작성이*솔2020-11-26Cancellation
2447중국 시장조사 신청노*열2020-11-26In progress
2446문의드립니다임*호2020-11-25In progress
2445중국 시장조사음*은2020-11-25Cancellation
2444샘플 신청 요청박*나2020-11-24Deposit
2443중국 시장조사김*균2020-11-24In progress
2442중국 시장조사서곽*은2020-11-23Completed
2441중국 시장조사이*림2020-11-21Completed
2440상품 조사 신청이*종2020-11-21Cancellation
2439시장조사 신청합니다신*희2020-11-20Cancellation
2438중국 시장조사 문의고*아2020-11-20In progress
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