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· Please read before applying for service!
· Be sure to proceed with your real full name. After singing in, you can see 'Apply'
· When creating a Market Research Request Form, you must register only the products that you want to investigate. (Commission per product)
· Sample purchase fee is separate from commodity investigation fee.
· After the payment is confirmed, the market research will proceed. * Market research start date : The date of deposit.
· Once the market research is completed, you will receive the survey result. If the sample can’t be purchased or investigated, you will not be charged.

Market research Fee

Product investigation fee Factory investigation fee
33,000 won (including VAT) per item 55,000 won (including VAT) per item
2845시장조사 요청서박*수2021-07-23In progress
2844제품 시장조사 문의김*경2021-07-23In progress
2843시장조사 문의김*재2021-07-22In progress
28427.3차 시장조사서입니다.서*영2021-07-22In progress
2841중국 업체 조사 부탁드립니다.김*원2021-07-22In progress
2840중국 시장조사박*건2021-07-21Estimate
2839제품조사 문의드립니다.김*호2021-07-21Estimate
2838제조공장을 찾고있습니다.박*진2021-07-20In progress
2837중국 시장조사 요청드립니다김*수2021-07-20In progress
2836시장조사요청서김*배2021-07-19In progress
2835제품 시장조사 요청드립니다.강*목2021-07-19In progress
28347월 시장조사서윤*진2021-07-16In progress
2833동일제품 저렴한 공장 조사 김*은2021-07-16Checking
2832공장조사 문의신*민2021-07-16Checking
2831공장조사 신청서이*윤2021-07-15Estimate
2830제품 견적 요청 문*현2021-07-15Estimate
2829중국 업체 비교 조사전*호2021-07-15Deposit
2828공장조사양*희2021-07-14In progress
28277.2차 시장조사서 박*민2021-07-14Estimate
2826중국 공장조사 요청이*림2021-07-14In progress
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