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·Please read it before applying!
· You can apply after login, and please write as your real name.
· Depending on the item, the market research fee may be charged for the new investigation.
· In order to get an accurate estimate, enter the correct information for ordering and production(quantity, hope price, delivery date, modification, change, production drawing, etc.)
· Products that require expertise can also be turned into agency services.
1161공급 신청이*호2020-12-02Estimate
1160공급신청(*보2020-11-30In progress
1159맞춤형 공급 신청신*희2020-11-27In progress
1158맞춤형 공급 신청합니다이*선2020-11-26Cancellation
1157공급 신청합니다이*아2020-11-25In progress
1156맞춤형 공급 신청서최*혜2020-11-24Checking
1155맞춤형 공급신청서*주2020-11-23In progress
1153제품개발 의뢰합니다조*영2020-11-20Deposit
1152맞춤형 공급장*진2020-11-20In progress
1151도매신청합니다이*욱2020-11-18In progress
1150공급 신청서송*원2020-11-17Cancellation
1149맞춤형 공급신청이*나2020-11-16In progress
1148공급 문의신*희2020-11-13Cancellation
1147유사 발굴 아이템강*롱2020-11-12In progress
1146맞춤형 공급 신청서*영2020-11-11Completed
1145공급 신청 문의이*현2020-11-09Cancellation
1144맞춤형 신청민*영2020-11-07In progress
1143맞춤형 공급 서비스이*세2020-11-06Cancellation
1142안녕하세요양*미2020-11-05In progress
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