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·Please read it before applying!
· You can apply after login, and please write as your real name.
· Depending on the item, the market research fee may be charged for the new investigation.
· In order to get an accurate estimate, enter the correct information for ordering and production(quantity, hope price, delivery date, modification, change, production drawing, etc.)
· Products that require expertise can also be turned into agency services.
1341맞춤형공급 요청서 드립니다.안*성2021-07-23In progress
1340맞춤형 공급 문의이*현2021-07-23In progress
1339OEM 문의김* 2021-07-22In progress
1338OEM견적서 요청드립니다.박*진2021-07-21Estimate
1337주문제작 요청드립니다,김*수2021-07-21Estimate
1336OEM 제작대행 문의최*솔2021-07-20In progress
1335맞춤형공급 요청드립니다.문*형2021-07-19In progress
1334OEM 제작문의김*수2021-07-19In progress
1333주문제작 요청드립니다.최*훈2021-07-16In progress
1332제작문의김*형2021-07-14In progress
1331OEM 견적문의이*정2021-07-14Checking
1330제작 문의김*진2021-07-12Checking
1329주문제작 요청드립니다.최*호2021-07-09Estimate
1328맞춤형공급 문의주*윤2021-07-09In progress
1327제품 OEM 문의김*규2021-07-08In progress
1326OEM 제작문의김*수2021-07-08Estimate
1325OEM 문의이*진2021-07-07In progress
1324맞춤형 공급 요청서김*효2021-07-07In progress
1323OEM 주문드립니다.김*정2021-07-06Estimate
1322맞춤형 공급 요청박*훈2021-07-06In progress
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