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Global Business Partners, TebahProfessional Import Services for Overseas Business

Please read it before applying!
· You can apply after login, and please write as your real name.
· First, check your ordering cost. After payment, your order will be placed.
· Please read the precautions regarding transportation, delivery, inspection and defect when placing an order. If you do not recognize it, you may be disrupted by the import process.
· If you are not eligible for income, you must select indirect income from the following list. Import method >
· Shipping period is variable due to the seller's circumstances, natural disasters, and holidays. If you want to receive the delivery on the desired delivery date, please allow enough time for your order. (At least two weeks ago)
· Please be aware that you are agreeing to the Terms of Service when you use the service. Terms & Conditions >

import commission

Commodity price (unit.million won) Agency fee
Less than 1 100,000 won
1 ~ 4 10%
4 ~ 8 8%
8 ~ 20 6%
20 5%
50 4%
100 3.5%
200 3%
300 2.5%
500 2%

1736수입 대행 신청합니다허*솔2020-12-03Acceptance
1735수입대행 신청합니다.원*경2020-12-02Estimate
1734수입대행 신청에*린2020-12-01Estimate
1733수입 신청합니다김*경2020-12-01In progress
1732수입 요건 문의박*애2020-11-30In progress
1731수입 대행 요청김*진2020-11-27Deposit
1730요건 확인 부탁드립니다지*희2020-11-26Checking
1729수입 대행 신청홍*표2020-11-26Cancellation
1728수입 대행 *일2020-11-25In progress
1727수입대행 신청서김*성2020-11-24In progress
1726중국 수입대행배*리2020-11-23In progress
1724수입 신청합니다박*준2020-11-20Cancellation
1723수입 신청합니다최*원2020-11-19In progress
1722중국수입대행 신청한*즈2020-11-18In progress
1721수입 통관 문의윤*국2020-11-17In progress
1719수입대행 문의이*윤2020-11-16Cancellation
1718수입 신청합니다한*선2020-11-13In progress
1717수입 대행 요청서김*현2020-11-12In progress
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