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Direct! Fast! Global buying service from Guangzhou wholesale market promptly and accurately

· Please read it before applying!
· You can apply after login, and please write as your real name
· When you receive a invoice, you have to pay the expense within the appointed time.
· Be sure to read the precautions(transportation, delivery, inspection or defect, etc.) when placing an order. If you do not know it, there may be a problem with the import process.
· If you want to receive your order on the desired delivery date, please have enough time because delivery schedule will be affected by the seller's circumstances, natural disasters, and holidays. (Minimum 3 ~ 4 days in advance)
· When order cost less than one million won, you should pay for pick-up fee. (10,000 won per case)

Agency commission

Price of goods Agency commission
Less than 1 million won Separate charge for pick-up cost (per 10,000won)
1 million won ~ less than 3 million won 10%
3million won ~ less than 5million won 8%
5million won ~ less than 8million won 7%
8million won ~ Less than 15 million won 6%
Over 15 million won 5%
19399.2차 사입김* 2021-09-24Acceptance
1938광저우 사입 김*현2021-09-24Acceptance
1937여성 가방 사입 문의드립니다임* 2021-09-24Acceptance
1936의류 사입 문의이*현2021-09-23Estimate
19359월 23일 사입 주문서이*근2021-09-23Estimate
1934광저우 사입대행 문의드립니다서*욱2021-09-23Estimate
1933사입대행 신청서 박*근2021-09-23Estimate
1932사입 추가 신청 건 정*윤2021-09-17Re-payment
1931광저우 사입 요청서 김*환2021-09-17Re-payment
1930VVIC 사입주문서장*정2021-09-16Checking
19299월 VVIC 사입주문서김*수2021-09-16Completed
1928사입 신청서현*숙2021-09-15Completed
1927사입대행 요청이*인2021-09-15Completed
1926VVIC 사입주문서김*서2021-09-15Completed
19259.14 사입요청 현*협2021-09-14Completed
1924사입 건 문의드립니다최*준2021-09-14Completed
1923의류 사입 문의이*우2021-09-14Completed
1922광저우 사입 요청서 이*원2021-09-14Completed
1921악세사리 사입대행 문의홍* 2021-09-13Completed
19209월 사입 요청윤*윤2021-09-10Completed
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