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U.S.-China Trade Deal Unlikely to Address Cybertheft or Subsidies
TEBAH  |  조회 64  |  2019-05-04

May, 2_ The NewYork Times

WASHINGTON — Trade negotiations between the United States and China are entering the final stage, but a deal is expected to fall short of addressing several key Trump administration goals, including combating Chinese cybertheft and state subsidies at various levels of the Chinese government, officials from a leading American business group said on Thursday.

President Trump has repeatedly insisted that a United States-China trade deal will address what he says is a pattern of China illegally gaining access to American computer networks. He has also said it will end economic practices like subsidies that the United States says gives China an unfair competitive edge.

But Chinese negotiators have pushed back against discussing cybertheft in the context of the negotiations, arguing for the issue to be dealt with in a different forum, Myron Brilliant, the executive vice president and head of international affairs at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, said on Thursday in a call with reporters.

Mr. Brilliant said that outcome was “not a surprise.” China has long disputed American accusations that it systemically steals intellectual property from American companies, and Chinese officials have maintained that the country has kept the terms of a previous cybersecurity agreement it made in 2015 with President Barack Obama.

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